About Terah

I make people money!! $$$$ I work with business owners and entertainers to create a brand and build an online marketing strategy.  I work with and provide education on website construction, SEO, and social media to attract high paying customers and booking agents.

My Story: I was blessed with a very creative mind (doctors classified it as ADD). At an early age I found photography. In 2013 I went pro and soon found myself photographing nationally published models, actors, and musicians. My work can be seen on comp cards from high end modeling agencies such as Ford. I have been published on album covers and one actor even credits me for landing a major role in a movie. (Thanks, but I’m sure your amazing talent and hard work had something to do with that.)

As awesome and successful as all that sounds, my clients were word of mouth Only.  I didn’t have the volume of clients I wanted and in desperation I tried lowering my packaging prices well below it’s value. I would post an ad on Facebook, thinking that was good marketing and was totally confused when I didn’t make a sale.  Despite the compliments and success stories of clients booking gigs based on my work, I began to question my talent and even my own worth.

I was just about to give up thinking my lack of customers and empty bank account was a sure sign I sucked as a photographer.  But then I took a really long hard look at my situation.  I realized it wasn’t my talent or my personal value that resulted in lack of customers, it was instead my lack of branding and marketing strategy.

That’s when I took a step back and realized my photography was helping entertainers make money.  Why can’t it do the same for me?  I began to study website design, SEO, branding and social media. What I found was a breath of fresh air.  It helped me restore my confidence and my ability to live the dream by being successful at what I love to do.

I realize, I am happiest when I am being creative, sharing my talents AND feeling financially secure.  I feel like I am not the only business owner that took a leap of faith and just about drowned financially by their dream career.  I decided to restructure my business adding in social media and marketing services to help out business owners that are currently experiencing the same frustration and doubt.

Photography and Social Media Marketing.

  • Unique photos to grab the attention of your customers
  • Website design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media education and strategy

If you want to attract customers, you came to the right spot,  I can’t wait to help you make all your dreams come true.